What does the most expensive top-end Skoda Eniaq Coupe vRS look like?

What does the most expensive top-end Skoda Eniaq Coupe vRS look like?

Each car manufacturer always has its own top line of models, aimed at the most capricious customers. Such cars are the first to receive a set of special convenience features, developments and technologies that are not available for cheaper modifications. And the higher the price, the more advantages are expected in a particular model. This time we will look at the most premium version of Skoda - the Eniaq Coupe vRS model and evaluate what its advantages are.

The cost of the novelty Eniaq Coupe vRS is from $63,000, which has already made it the most expensive mass-produced Skoda car. This model is built on the MEB platform and has improved aerodynamics. The weight of the novelty is 2.3 tons. The maximum car mileage on a single charge is 504 km, according to WLTP tests. But a real test drive of a car with traffic in a city with little traffic showed a little less than 400 km. The speed of charging the car from 10 to 80% is 36 minutes. If you use a 50-kilowatt station for charging, then the charging time will be approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes, and charging from a conventional electrical outlet will take 7.5 hours. As standard, the car is equipped with a heat pump, so that the range in cold weather should not be reduced. The maximum speed is limited to 180 km/h.

The appearance of the new Eniaq Coupe vRS features a striking and conspicuous design, black frames and a "crystal" front grille. It has a smooth and streamlined line of transparent roof, which, however, did not "take away" the interior space. So, the trunk volume of the car is 570 liters, which is quite enough. Inside the car loocks spacious and comfortable, the seats are quite soft and very comfortable. The control panel is located in the center of the dashboard. All "extra" physical buttons are removed so that the control is carried out through the display. A special sensor for monitoring the air inside is installed in the cabin, which will work if the indicators deviate from the norm and “take action” to fix the problem. The car is equipped with all the latest systems that are developed by the Volkswagen Group. At night, Eniaq Coupe vRS does not blind oncoming cars thanks to the new matrix headlights. Cruise control uses information from cameras to improve navigation. The park assistant can not only park for you, but is also able to remember your "favorite position" and repeat it every time. The lane change assistant can also perform an overtaking maneuver, and it can also maneuver to avoid a collision if it is imminent. The traffic jam assistant can independently support the movement - move and stop at the right time.

Summing up all that has been said, we can say with confidence that this is a very comfortable car, easy to drive, which is well worth the money.

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