Terms & conditions of cooperation



The agreement comes into force from the moment of registration on the site, without reading and accepting the rules, registration on the site is impossible!
We strongly recommend that you carefully read the rules of the site, as well as the information specified on the product or service page.


1. Registration on the site

1.1. Registration on the site is a prerequisite for ordering goods and services on the site www.vin.report

1.2. The fact of registration of the user on the site confirms his consent and the unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the site www.vin.report

1.3. When registering, the user is responsible for the accuracy of the information in the registration form (name, email, city, country, phone number, etc.). The user-specified data can be used by the site administration to provide the user with advice / sending of results on orders / sending news and promotional offers from the site.

1.4. One user is forbidden to create and use multiple accounts at the same time. The site administration has the right to block "extra" accounts unilaterally without warning.

1.5. If the user has lost access to the account, he can use the form to restore the login / password on our website. If the user was unable to regain access to the account on his own, he can ask for help in supporting the info@vin.report site.

1.6. The transfer / resale of your user account is prohibited, the user of the site receives the non-transferable right to use their registration.


2. Balance replenishment

2.1. Calculation unit of the site are loans. 1 credit = 1 USD.

2.2. The purchase of credits is a prerequisite for ordering goods or services: the user of the site replenishes his balance with credits, with the help of which he orders the necessary goods / services on the site.

2.3. Balance replenishment on the site is made automatically and is possible only with the help of those payment systems that are listed on the Payment Methods page. The crediting period is from 5 to 30 minutes.

2.4. The amount payable for a product or service may exceed the amount specified in the service description on the website. This is due to the fact that any payment system sets its commission and the exchange rate for which payment is accepted. We have no effect on the size of exchange rates or commissions of various payment systems and get exactly the number of credits, which is indicated on the order page of the service.

2.5. The site www.vin.report does not have relevant information about the markups and commissions of different payment systems. Information about the size of commissions on our website is for informational purposes only. Always specify the final payment amount immediately before payment.

2.6. It is forbidden to copy the numbers of purses and try to send money "directly without commissions." Such a payment will not be credited automatically, the solution of the issue with incorrect replenishment may take a long time (from 7 to 30 business days), after which the money will be returned back to your account.

2.7. The user's balance is displayed in the user's personal account. In the left pane, on the HISTORY OF PAYMENTS tab, you can see information about all transactions - recharges and debits at the time of ordering the service.

2.8. User balance is an internal balance that is available only to the account holder and the transfer of funds from one balance to another is excluded.

2.9. The user's balance does not have a "retention period" and will be available even if the user has not used the services of our site for a long time.


3. Changes in prices and terms
3.1. Information about prices, conditions of work of services and terms of service is indicated on the page describing each of the services, as well as in our price list.
3.2. Information about prices and terms of service can be changed / updated by the site administration unilaterally without warning.
3.3. Any textual or graphical changes on the site come into force from the moment they are posted: price changes, terms, conditions for ordering services.
3.4. Information about discounts and special offers takes effect from the moment they are posted on the website for the period specified in the terms of a particular promotion or offer.
3.5. A change in the price at the provider is the reason for canceling the order, which is “in process”.


4. Incorrect information on the order form

4.1. Before ordering a service, a site user is obliged to carefully read the terms and conditions of operation of this service. If necessary, contact the site managers for advice: info@vin.report

4.2. By placing an order on the site, the user undertakes to act in accordance with the rules and conditions of the site and takes full responsibility for the correctness of the specified data (car make, VIN number, e-mail address). If were made mistakes that caused an incorrect result, then a refund for such an order is excluded. 

4.3. When placing an order, the user assumes all responsibility, including a negative result, if mistakes were made when filling out the order form. When placing an order, the user agrees with paragraph 7 of the rules of the “Conditions for canceling an order and returning credits”.

4.4. If the user finds that he made a mistake in the order form, he should immediately report it to the support site info@vin.report. If no more than 5-10 minutes have elapsed since the incorrect order was placed (during working hours), it is likely that your order will be canceled before being launched into the process. The more time has passed since the launch of the order, the less chance of cancellation.

4.5. If a user duplicates an order and requests a report for the same VIN number twice, he should immediately report it in support of the website info@vin.report. If no more than 5-10 minutes have elapsed since the incorrect order was placed (during working hours), it is likely that your order will be canceled before being launched into the process. The more time has passed since the launch of the order, the less chance of cancellation.


5. Advertising on the site vin.report
5.1. Advertising on the site or forum www.vin.report is paid and can be posted only after agreement with the administration of the resource. For advertising please contact info@vin.report
5.2. Any attempts to place inconsistent advertising / imposition of services or any other commercial actions will be strictly stopped. Users found to be in such an activity will be blocked without the possibility of re-registration.
5.3. Comments and messages from users are moderated for spam / hidden advertising / black PR / obscene language. Correct questions, formulated in a respectful form, will be published within 1-12 hours on weekdays (excluding holidays and weekends).


6. Terms of cooperation, special offers

6.1. For wholesale cooperation please contact info@vin.report.

6.2. Conditions for providing wholesale prices:

  • VIP (for small wholesale) - a regular order of services in the amount of $ 500 per month.
  • Exclusive (for large wholesale) - a regular order of services in the amount of $ 1,500 per month.
  • To assign a category - replenish your balance in one payment for the amount specified above, and report it to info@vin.report​
  • After assigning the appropriate category, for the authorized user in all services, by default prices will be displayed that correspond to their wholesale status.
  • The validity of wholesale prices is 1 month from the moment the wholesale status is assigned. Information about the validity of wholesale prices will be displayed in the Control Panel after assigning the appropriate category. To extend wholesale prices, recharge your balance and report it to info@vinbmwdecoder.com
  • VIP / Exclusive statuses are extended 1 month from the date of the last recharge.
  • The withdrawal of money from the site / filing an application for the withdrawal of loans excludes the client from the category "wholesale buyer"

IMPORTANT: retail / wholesale prices for services may be changed / updated by providers for current during the day / daily without warning.


7. Terms of order cancellation and credit repayment:

7.1. In case of cancellation of the order due to “No data”, the credits will automatically return to the user's balance at the time of cancellation. Re-ordering the service in case of cancellation of the order due to "No data" is prohibited.

7.2. In case of successful completion of the order, a refund for such an order is excluded.

7.3. Delay in order fulfillment cannot be a reason to cancel an order.

7.4. The delay in the fulfillment of the urgent order cannot be the basis for canceling such an order and returning the full amount of the report value to the balance, but it is the basis for the payment of compensation for such an order in the amount of an “urgent” mark-up. If you have placed an order for an urgent report with an extra charge "for urgency", but your order has been completed with a delay, please contact info@vin.report Upon appeal, you will receive compensation in the amount of surcharge for urgency. Payment will be paid in time from 3 to 10 business days.

PS: the situation with the delay in the execution of the urgent report is possible in the case of the formation of such an order on weekends or holidays, when orders are accepted automatically, but they enter the process only on the first working day of the week.

7.5. A small amount of data can not be grounds for order cancellation. If you have ordered a full report, but it does not contain information about repairs or maintenance, such an order cannot be canceled, since it contains visiting dates and vehicle runs. Even if the car had only one registered visit to the dealer, your report will be executed with payment of the full cost of the service.

7.6. After paying the order and launching the order into the process, the user cannot unilaterally refuse the service, regardless of the reasons.


8. Withdrawing credits from the system

8.1. To withdraw credits from the system, send a letter in support of the site info@vin.report and indicate your login on the site and the amount you want to withdraw. Within 1-3 days support will respond to your request and agree on a payment system through which withdrawal can be made.

8.2. The amount of a one-time transaction in a withdrawal request cannot be less than $ 1 and cannot exceed $ 500.

8.3. If the amount you want to withdraw from the site exceeds $ 500, it should be withdrawn in parts, consistently submitting a withdrawal request, according to the terms and conditions specified on the site. In the case of filing an application for an amount in excess of $ 500, you will receive a withdrawal of $ 500, and the remaining amount will remain in your account until a new application for withdrawal is submitted.

8.4. The user assumes full responsibility in the case of specifying incorrect details for sending money.

8.5. Deadlines for processing applications for the withdrawal of money up to 10 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). Requests for withdrawal of money can be submitted no more than once every 10 days. If less than 10 days have passed since the date of the last withdrawal request, your application will be rejected.

8.6. The transfer fee is paid by the user. The amount of commission can be specified in the site support (for different payment systems the commission size is different).