FAQ: answers to popular questions

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This section contains the most popular questions regarding the VIN code report. If this list does not answer the question that interests you, you can ask it in support of our website: info@vin.report

What is a VIN code?

VIN code is a 17-digit number consisting of Latin letters and numbers. Example: WBAUC310X0F151094. This number is indicated on the main parts of the body / chassis / nameplates. Thus, you must find the same VIN number on different elements of the car. Accordingly, if the car made a difficult repair with the replacement of the main parts of the body (after a major accident), the VIN codes may be different.

The abbreviation VIN means - "Vehicle identification number".

On which parts of the car can I find the VIN code?

1. On the dashboard of the car (usually - at the top left)
2. Stand body (usually - front left)
3. On the sticker in the driver's doorway
4. On the dashboard (at the junction of the windshield and bonnet)
5. On the cylinder block (block head),
6. On the doorsteps,
7. On the partition between the cabin and the engine
8. On side members (for cars with frame structure)
9. On the identification plate in the engine compartment
For different brands of cars, the type and location of the application of the code may differ, but an exact list of parts marked with the VIN code can be found in the technical documentation for the vehicle.

What data can I find out using the VIN code?

The manufacturer’s database always contains the most complete information about each vehicle released:
- year and country of issue,
- dealer number,
- full set,
- date of delivery to the customer,
and also all service works which were carried out on a guarantee with the specific car. No less important is the fact that the dealer always reads the mileage of the car at the time of the visit and enters this data into the database.
Thus, knowing the VIN code, you can get reliable information about a particular car by requesting it from the manufacturer’s database.

Where do you get information about cars?

Information comes directly from the servers of automakers BMW, Skoda, Audi, Seat and VW. After receiving the data, a PDF report is generated in accordance with your request.

How to order a report by VIN code?

To place an order, you must complete the registration procedure on the site and top up the balance. Next, you need to choose in the price list the service that matches your request. To send an order, just enter the VIN number and select the report type. The result will be sent to you in the time specified in the service description.

How do I find out about order fulfillment?

After completing the order, you will receive an automatic notification to the mail, which was specified during registration. Also, the result for your order will be displayed in your personal account on the site vin.report

Is it possible to speed up the order?

If you want your order to be completed urgently, you can specify the urgency when placing an order. This is a paid option that allows you to change the order execution of orders on the server and process your order out of order.
If in the service you want to order, there is no possibility to select the urgency of the report, it means that this service does not have the technical ability to change the order of orders on the server.

Can the order be completed before the deadline?

If at the time of placing the order the server is not overloaded with the processing of orders, then your order can be executed ahead of the specified deadline. But we recommend that you focus on the deadlines that are specified in the descriptions of services.

What language will my report be performed on?

By default, most reports are in English. But if the production of the country is different and the car was serviced only in this country, then the report language can be Russian or German.

I want to receive a report in Russian, is it possible?

If you want to receive a report in Russian, you can choose a paid option to translate into Russian when placing an order.

I want to receive a report in German, is it possible?

No. We do not translate into German.

I forgot to pay for the translation of the report. Is it possible to pay extra for a translation after order completion?

If you forgot to pay for the translation when placing the order, then after receiving the report it is impossible to “pay the difference” and request the same report in another language. To receive a report in another language, you need to place a re-order for the same VIN number and indicate the translation language with a surcharge for the translation.

I made an urgent order, but this order was completed with a delay. How to solve a problem?

If you have placed an order for an urgent report with an additional charge of “for urgency”, but your order has been completed with a delay, please contact support site info@vin.report
Upon appeal, you will receive compensation in the amount of surcharge for urgency. Payment will be paid in time from 3 to 10 business days.
Delay in order fulfillment cannot be grounds for canceling such an order and returning the full amount of the report value to the balance.
PS: the situation with the delay of the urgent report is possible in the case of the formation of such an order on weekends or holidays, when orders are accepted automatically, but are only entered into the process on the first working day of the week.

If there is no data on my VIN number - will I get a refund?

Yes, if there is no information on your car in the database, your order will be canceled and the money will automatically return to your balance.

I made an order, but changed my mind and want to cancel. Is it possible

No. For an order that is in process, cancellation at the request of the client is impossible and is not discussed.

I made a mistake in the VIN code number, can I cancel the order and get paid back?

Not. If your order is being processed, you will receive data on the VIN-number that was specified in the order.
EXCLUSION is possible only if the specified VIN number does not exist. Then you will receive a cancellation due to "" No data "".

I made a mistake in the make of a car, can I cancel the order and get paid back?

Yes, if you have chosen the wrong car brand, a query on such a VIN in the database will not give results. Such an order will be canceled and the money will automatically return to your balance.

I received a report, but there is little information, can I cancel the order?

No. If your order has been completed, but this data is "not a lot" - this is not a reason for canceling such an order. If the car did not visit the official dealer for a certain period of time, data for that period of time will not be in the dealer database. We send all the data stored on the server for a specific car.
The order is canceled only if the information about your car is completely absent in the database.

I ordered the Full report, but there is no repair information in it - can I cancel the order?

No. If you received data on dealer's visit and mileage, but the report does not contain data on service maintenance, this means that the dealer does not have information about this service on this vehicle, or service work has not been carried out. The lack of this data is not a reason to cancel such an order or to receive compensation for such an order.

I want to withdraw money from the site. How to do it?

To withdraw money from the site, contact support info@vin.report
Request for withdrawal of money from the site will be processed manually in the period from 7 to 10 working days.

How to get a wholesale price if I am a regular customer?

To receive wholesale prices for our services, send your request to the support site info@vin.report
When sending a request, specify the weekly and monthly average volumes of orders and our manager will set a wholesale price for you.