Skoda Enyaq iV FestEVal not for serial production

Skoda Enyaq iV FestEVal not for serial production

The British branch of the Czech company Skoda decided to surprise everyone. A camping vehicle sample was presented for lovers of hiking and recreation in the wild. But in order to make the rest as comfortable as possible, Skoda decided to create the Skoda Enyaq iV FestEVal.

At first glance at this concept, the main idea becomes clear. Unlike the production version, this car is equipped with a roof tent, which, according to engineers, is mounted and removed in a matter of minutes. To get inside, there is a special comfortable ladder. The tent is designed for two adults and is also equipped with extras such as a solar powered fan, flashlight and storage compartments. Since the Enyaq iV was taken as the basis for this modification, which in itself is a rather large and roomy crossover with a 585-liter trunk and folding rear seats, the engineers decided to use these advantages to the fullest. Having received a useful volume of 1710 liters (without rear seats), a special "box" from Egoe was installed in the rear of the car. This "box" is actually nothing more than a mobile mini-kitchen. To use it, it is enough to pull out this "box" and expand it, as a result we will get a compact hob, a small sink with a tap, a place for cooking and even "bedside tables" for kitchen utensils. And above the drawer there is an area for storing pillows and a mattress, which can also be used as a double bed inside the cabin, which allows you to organize 4 beds at once - 2 on the roof and 2 more inside the car. True, with such an idea, the question remains, how will 2 additional passengers get to the place of rest, if there are only 2 seats left with such an internal arrangement. (We will answer this remark a little later.) To add even more comfort, it was decided to equip the Enyaq iV camping variant with a powerful 8-speaker sound system, as well as add ambient lighting, as well as a 13-inch screen with Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 8 devices. The engine power in this car is 201 hp, the engine is one, but on a powerful battery. However, given the weight of camping equipment and the additional air resistance due to the tent, it is likely that this model will not please with its power reserve on a single charge and it may turn out to be slightly less than stated. And now let's answer the main question - if this model called Skoda Enyaq iV FestEVal has a number of obvious comments, how can we talk about its launch in a series? The answer is simple - no way, because the launch of this concept in the series is NOT planned. Skoda immediately stated that this is a unique development that will not go into production, but was shown to demonstrate the potential capabilities of cars and show how they can be "finalized". Well, thanks to Skoda for their commitment to pushing the boundaries of car understanding and demonstrating the potential of every car so clearly.

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