Why was BMW destroyed under hydraulic press?

Why was BMW destroyed under hydraulic press?

A resonant story happened in the UK with the BMW M3 Touring. In addition to the acidic bright green color, the car was distinguished by an unusual design for its lineup, which attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies. The local police decided to check the unusual car. The fact is that BMW currently does not have an M3 station wagon, it is in the design stage. And the fact that the "ready modification" appeared on the road ahead of time looked strange. The mystery was revealed in the process of checking documents and the car itself. It turned out that the motorist decided not to wait for the news and independently worked on the "update", but did it in violation of the law. According to the documents, it was supposed to be a BMW 3-Series with a diesel engine, but in fact it was equipped with a gasoline engine. The chassis was made from two previously stolen BMW M3s that disappeared from the showroom back in 2018-2019. And to create a body and a panoramic roof, 2 station wagons were dismantled, the origin of which could not be found out, since the owner grinded off all the VIN codes on the details. So the car was inevitably confiscated and, despite its stylish appearance, was sent for recycling under pressure. Law enforcement officers explained this by the fact that the car has a "weak" design, welding in some places has already "departed" so that this car is a potential threat on the road. It is worth noting that the recycling took place under the sights of video cameras in order to discourage car owners from such sophisticated and illegal actions in the future.

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