What will be the new BMW 7 Series: the first official data!

What will be the new BMW 7 Series: the first official data!

Although BMW representatives did their best to preserve intrigue and not disclose the car’s features until the official premiere in April, a major leak of data on the BMW 7 Series forced the company to “reveal the cards” much earlier. Information about the main changes of the new model posted on the official website of BMW. The first thing that critics say is the new “face” of the car, which has changed noticeably due to an increase in the front grille. This step has already caused a mixed reaction in the network - opinions on this "improvement" were divided. Headlights have become narrower in comparison with previous models, and side windows - thicker. The last step was caused by the desire to increase the noise insulation of the car and make the trip even more comfortable. As for the "stuffing" of the new BMW, it is equipped with a 4.4 liter V8 engine, capable of producing as many as 523 hp!
In the basic configuration, the BMW 7 Series is equipped only with an adaptive suspension, the rear wheels control system can only be ordered for an additional fee.
Of course, inside the cabin there will also be quite a few pleasant surprises, in particular, a new media system. It is worth noting that BMW and this time managed to make a strong impression on fans of this brand. It remains only to wait for the start of sales, which are scheduled for March this year.