What is special about the Volkswagen Tavendor 2023 crossover?

What is special about the Volkswagen Tavendor 2023 crossover?

Official information has been received on sales of the new Volkswagen Tavendor 2023 crossover, which will be supplied in 5 configurations. The car will be assembled jointly by two companies - Volkswagen and FAW. It is already being said that this will be the last model with a "classic" internal combustion engine, as the company plans to focus on the production of electric cars in the future. It is likely that a transitional line of hybrids will still be available for some time, but there will be no more internal combustion cars in their pure form. The 2023 Volkswagen Tavendor costs $38,600 in the base trim, but for the "upgraded" version you will need to pay $45,700. This crossover is based on the MQB platform. The length of the car is 4936 mm. The headlights of the car are LED, the illumination of the car logo and door handles looks especially elegant.

As for the interior, the car is equipped with a digital instrument panel, as well as an unusual push-button gear shift. It is difficult to say how much this decision will be welcomed by drivers who are accustomed to a large switch at hand, but you will inevitably have to "relearn" how to drive such new products. This is comparable to the transition from push-button phones to touch. In addition to the multimedia steering wheel, of course, climate control and other "standard" options are installed. The power of the Volkswagen Tavendor 2023 varies from 186 to 220 hp, as the 2-liter engine is equipped with a turbine. The transmission of the car is "robotic". An all-wheel drive version of the car is also available. And we remind you - to check your car by VIN code, please contact us. Reliable information about the configuration, mileage and repairs can be obtained at the link - "VIN code check for VW"