What is the future of Mercedes-Benz vehicles?

What is the future of Mercedes-Benz vehicles?

Many automakers are faced with a difficult choice - to install conventional internal combustion engines or switch to electric motors. The same question arose before the representatives of Mercedes-Benz, who were actively looking for the best solution. And while many companies are leaning toward a compromise in the form of launching a line of hybrid cars that combine a classic engine with an electric one, the developers from Mercedes-Benz have chosen a different path. Their choice settled on the parallel production of 2 different lines - separately - electric vehicles and separately - cars with internal combustion engines. It was with such a statement that Christoph Straczynski, Vice President for the development of the Mercedes-Benz electric car line, recently made. In his opinion, new cars of A and B classes will be produced both with internal combustion engines and with electric motors, although the emphasis will still be placed in favor of the latter. This will be possible thanks to the new MMA platform, which was originally developed for electric vehicles, but adapted to classic gasoline and diesel engines. According to Christoph, in the first place for Mercedes-Benz, of course, are electric cars, and the new MMA platform will debut in 2024 on class A cars. Later, it will also be used for the CLA fastback, GLA and GLB SUVs, as well as for B-class minivans. At the moment, the future characteristics of the new models are not disclosed, but Mercedes-Benz representatives do not intend to completely abandon internal combustion engines. And it's mostly about the price. So, the same model on an electric motor costs significantly more than on a classic engine. And it is not worth counting on price parity in the near future. As explained in the company, the production of electric vehicles is more costly and this difference is reflected in the price for the buyer. In more budget versions of cars, this difference is not so noticeable, since there is an opportunity to "save" through the use of a number of common parts. But in luxury cars, things are a little different. The same opinion is shared by the CEO of Mercedes-Benz - Markus Schaefer. According to him, along with the debut of the new MMA platform, the debut of a new infotainment system - MB.OS, which is the development of Mercedes-Benz themselves (in collaboration with NVIDIA and Bosch) will also take place. Its use will also help Mercedes-Benz not only save money, but also directly control the final result of the work. As you can see, new technologies are gradually being introduced into our lives to make it even safer and more comfortable.

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