What does the car of the future from Volkswagen look like?

What does the car of the future from Volkswagen look like?

This year, at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance exhibition in France, Volkswagen will show the latest concept of its self-driving car called Gen.Travel. The exhibition will take place in the city of Chantally at the end of September - on the 24th and 25th, but already now there is preliminary information about the novelty. According to the developers, the Gen.Travel car is designed as an unmanned electric shuttle that has no control means - no pedals, no steering wheel! All that passengers have is a unique augmented reality interface, which, with the help of special glasses, can display maximum information about the route. The center console of the car is designed exclusively to control the media system, climate control, seat position. This is a new vision from Volkswagen as they envision the future of the automotive industry.

By default, there are only 2 passenger seats in the cabin, which can be laid out like a bed. But the design of the car is modular and can be adapted to different needs (for 4 passengers). The exterior design is defiantly futuristic. Doors open up like "wings". All the optics of the car are LED, with the ability to adjust the light from "warm" to "cold", as well as many windows for a panoramic view. Gen.Travel is created using natural and recyclable materials. All the details about the car's power plant and safety remain undisclosed, but that's to be expected since this car is just a "project" that should sway the developers to "plan" in the right direction. Volkswagen Gen.Travel aims to show that traveling by private car does not have to be tiring, reducing the essence to a comfortable transfer from point A to point B. Without the need to independently monitor the road and the safety of the car. It is possible that the ideas of fully autonomous cars will attract more and more attention and interest, and soon we will all perceive cars in a completely different way.

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