How does the Mercedes-Benz eActros electric truck work?

How does the Mercedes-Benz eActros electric truck work?

Mercedes-Benz is ready to test its first electric truck on a special track. This is an electrified section of the eWayBW road, where various environmentally friendly vehicles from various manufacturers are tested. Serial production of the Mercedes-Benz eActros truck is scheduled for this year at the plant in Werth. This is a completely electric truck for transporting heavy loads. Real tests of this model began a long time ago, back in July 2019. The transport company Logistik Schmitt, based in the Black Forest, agreed to test the new product. Under her leadership, the car has already managed to cover almost 50,000 km, make more than 5,000 trips and deliver more than 30,000 tons of various cargoes. A little later, at the beginning of 2021, eActros was tested on a special section of the B462 highway. There, a truck drives 250-300 km a day, which is already 100 km more than it was before. The design of the car is designed for a load of 25 tons. (maximum), but during the initial tests it was loaded only by 4 tons. Now testers have doubled the load and continue to study the "behavior" of the car on the road. At the final stage, engineers will compare the characteristics of their model with data from other manufacturers, including samples on hydrogen engines. Now the main goal of the developers is a "battery-powered" car, which would be optimal for urban and interregional transportation. According to preliminary forecasts, by the summer Logistik Schmitt will be able to hand over an improved sample of eActros, with a large power reserve. And in 2024, mass production of the eActros LongHaul model for long-haul transportation will begin. Needless to say - engineers constantly look to the future, plan far ahead and do everything to realize these goals. And although it sounds like a distant future now, today Mercedes-Benz representatives are announcing the release of progressive hydrogen-powered cars in this decade. Daimler Trucks & Buses plans to convert its entire range of vehicles to electric motors by 2039, so that in 2050 we can all breathe much easier. Let's thank them for that.

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