Self-driving car from Volkswagen - what does it look like?

Self-driving car from Volkswagen - what does it look like?

Already in 2022, Volkswagen will show the world a working sample of an unmanned, autonomous car called the Volkswagen ID. BUZZ. This is an electric van that will go on sale by 2025. The long-awaited decision was finally made by the Volkswagen Group Supervisory Board, which approved a modern program for the development of the concept of building autonomous vehicles - Autonomous Driving R&D.

At the same time, the service delivery system will also develop. It is noteworthy that already this year, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) engineers will be able to conduct the first “field tests” of the ID electric van. BUZZ on an unmanned control system from Argo AI.

It is also encouraging that in order to achieve its goals, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has approved a partnership with Ford Motor, which jointly finances Argo AI, which will ensure the implementation of the plans. Well, we wish the developers success and inspiration so that their intentions can come true in the near future.

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