What is known about the electric car from BMW?

What is known about the electric car from BMW?

2022 will be a special year for the BMW M division as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding. And to celebrate this significant date in a special way, the release of the first sports electric car from BMW M was announced. It became known that active work on the implementation of this project is already underway. Frank van Miel, the head of the Bavarian division of BMW M, gave the first comments about the upcoming novelty. To imagine what this car will be like, Frank compared it with the BMW i4 M50 production electric car. Although this sedan was taken as the basis for further modernization, engineers are developing a version of the coupe with extended wheel arches, which will also combine many elements from the sporty BMW M4. The developers plan to provide better cooling of the radiator, as well as install another power unit. BMW is not yet ready to announce the technical characteristics of the new car and limited itself to general formulations of what drivers will feel the changes in: - the presence of 4 electric motors; - the latest all-wheel drive system M xDrive; - the position of the accelerator pedals; - steering angle; - wheel speed; - quality of grip with the road surface, etc. The release date of the car in mass production is also still a secret. Well, we will follow the news and wait for new announcements from BMW.

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