What can I learn from the VIN code?

What can I learn from the VIN code?

There are many different services on the Internet that offer to check information about a car by VIN code. Let's look at what you can find out by the VIN code for free, and also dwell on what data you can get for the money.

VIN code is a unique car number that is inflicted to different parts of the car body at the time of production and contains the most important information about the car - the manufacturer's country code, body type, model year, serial number and other important data. VIN code consists of 17 characters.
Example VIN code: TMBJY16Y47B456680

You can find the VIN code on different parts of the car. Here are the main places where you can find the VIN code on the car:

1. Car dashboard
2. Front Left Body Pillar
3. Sticker in the doorway (driver's side)
4. Between the windshield and the hood (at the junction)
5. Door sills
6. The partition between the cabin and the engine
7. Spars
8. Marking plate engine compartment

As you can see, in all cases the VIN code is specified in a very awkward place. This was done specifically so that unscrupulous craftsmen do not change the VIN code in order to sell stolen cars.

Check by VIN code for FREE possible only for complete set of the car. On different online resources the look of this data is different, but the information will always be the same. If the car had individual options, the results of free checks will also show this information. The advantage of such checks in the first place is that they provide data almost instantly and you do not need to wait for the results and spend time on it.
What can you learn from the VIN code for the money? The most valuable data that can be obtained by the VIN code, are provided only by paid services. This is not only equipment, but the following information:

• - dealer number (find out where the vehicle was serviced)
• - date of visiting the official service
• - maintenance, performed in the time of visit official dealer service
• - full list of all replacement parts and repairs, carried out on the dealer service.

It is very important to order a report on the VIN code before buying a used car, to check if the mileage was twisted and find out what the seller of the car is hiding. This is the easiest and most reliable way to get reliable information.
We successfully cooperate with many dealers and can provide maximum data remotely by VIN code for BMW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Mercedes vehicles. When ordering car inspection services using the VIN code online, you do not need to spend your time visiting a dealer. You can simultaneously check a lot of cars by VIN and find out everything that is needed.
How does the vehicle check service by VIN code work?
Data on the Vin code that we send to our customers are requested from the internal databases of official dealers of BMW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Mercedes. We pay for access to this information and receive it in encrypted form. The order processing time is spent on processing this data and generating a PDF report based on it, which will be understandable and easy to read.
The most popular decoding BMW VIN. This is the most expensive database, which stores information about all BMW cars from all over the world, since 2000 release.

Car verification by VIN code can be provided in two versions:
Lite - this type of report includes only data about the vehicle equipment, as well as the dates of visits to the dealer and the runs at the time of the visit.
Full - this is the maximum report that displays the dates and runs of the car, as well as data on all repairs, oil changes and other scheduled work, which were carried out by the dealer during the visit of the car.
Contact us for wholesale cooperation and we will be happy to answer all your questions: info@vin.report