Volkswagen T7 Multivan will not have a gear lever

Volkswagen T7 Multivan will not have a gear lever

Unexpected news came from Volkswagen engineers - the new Volkswagen T7 Multivan model will be presented with significant changes. Of greatest interest was the rejection of the gear lever, as the developers decided to report in their devotions. So, step by step, details began to appear about the features of the new model, which should become the most comfortable member of the T7 family. The first to explain was Albert Kirzinger, head of design at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. He demonstrated the new driver's seat of the Multivan model, where there is no usual gear shifter. The car will receive a dual-clutch robotic gearbox (DSG) as standard. But instead of the gearbox, there will be additional push-button control on the dashboard - to the right of the steering wheel at the level with the 10-inch screen of the multimedia system. Also, the driver's screen will display a picture from the all-round camera, which is active when parking. Engineers have also replaced the parking brake, which will now be electric and should work automatically, or by pressing a button on the dashboard. All these changes made it possible to “save” and free up space between the driver and front passenger, making it easier to access the rear seats. The engineers have another unusual idea in their plans - to equip cars with a mobile pedestal-table. But this innovation will be considered in the next update of the car.

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