5th generation Volkswagen Caddy review

5th generation Volkswagen Caddy review

The German magazine Auto Bild conducted a poll among its readers to determine the best car in the "Compact Vans - Quality" category. According to its results, the undisputed victory was won by Volkswagen Caddy. This is the 10th such poll from Auto Bild magazine. It is worth noting that the choice was quite large, readers had to determine the best car from 37 brands in 14 segments. Thus, research is carried out to determine the best brand among all classes. Criteria such as quality, price and design are evaluated. It is noteworthy that the Volkswagen Caddy model is one of the most popular and sold. Since its release, more than 3 million cars have already been sold. And as a result, as many as 73% of users voted for this particular model, recognizing it as the best in all criteria. As for the assembly of the Volkswagen Caddy, this car is assembled on a modular platform (MQB), which is also used on the Golf model. Caddy has collected a lot of modern technological solutions that have made it even more reliable, practical and convenient. Volkswagen also won in the Compact Vans category, where its vehicle collected more than 61% of the votes. The positive opinion of the majority of motorists, compiled from personal experience, is the best reward for any automaker. Congratulations to Volkswagen on their achievement.

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