Sales of the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen announced

Sales of the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen announced

The network has information that the launch of a hydrogen car from BMW will soon take place. With reference to official sources, this was reported by Western media. We are talking about the new iX5 Hydrogen 2022 model, on which BMW engineers worked together with Toyota. By the way, this is not the first such cooperation between the two companies. So, earlier they developed the Toyota GR Supra together. As for the unique BMW iX5 Hydrogen, the first small batch of the car will be launched by the end of this year. According to preliminary data, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen will be equipped with a powerful 5th generation electric motor. As is clear from the name of the model, this novelty “eats” liquid hydrogen as a fuel, while generating energy, it provides 374 hp. It is equipped with two large reinforced tanks for 700 bar hydrogen filling. The uniqueness of this car lies in the fact that it is as environmentally friendly as possible, since the only "exhaust" product during engine operation is water vapor, and the residual heat of the engine is used to heat the passenger compartment. As for the “appearance” of the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen, it was first shown to the general public at the Munich Motor Show back in 2021. The car is equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, a large LCD control panel is installed, combined with a multimedia system. Otherwise, it uses the same design elements as other BMW crossovers. A distinctive feature of Hydrogen is only additional decorative blue inserts on the outside, which should focus on its energy positioning, as well as blue inserts inside the cabin. Undoubtedly, BMW has again managed to surprise and delight its fans with its unrivaled iX5 Hydrogen crossover.

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