The future of electric vehicles - instant charging in minutes!

The future of electric vehicles - instant charging in minutes!

For a long time many creative engineers say that the future belongs to electric vehicles. They must change our world by introducing the most convenient and safe technologies. But in order to embody these ideas, electric cars must become better, more powerful and faster in all senses. At this time, the developers were puzzled to reduce the time of charging cars, at the moment we are talking about batteries, which will charge up to 80% in 12 minutes. It is assumed that this result can be achieved by charging from the station with a capacity of 350 kW. The development of new generation batteries, which give such results, will practically “erase” the time limits that a motorist spends on gasoline refueling and electric vehicle refueling. At the moment, refueling a gasoline car takes about 7 minutes.
So when to expect the introduction of these innovations? According to the developers, the streaming release of fast-charging batteries will start no earlier than 2020. In parallel with the launch of cars with new batteries, it will be necessary to modernize the existing electric charging stations, which at the moment can only produce 150 kW, instead of the required 350 kW. But the developers of the new batteries have already taken care of this, according to them, the charging stations operating today can be easily upgraded to work at a power of 350 kW. Thus, all well-known brands - Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, as well as other companies working with Ionity electric filling stations, will be able to switch to the necessary power devices in a timely manner, so that owners of new cars can get fast charging in the stated 12 minutes.
Earlier, AUDI has already announced the release of the car AUDI E-Tron, which has all the latest features and instant charging. The following promise to release a quick-charge car in the company Porsche - their new model will be the Taycan.