The design of the Volkswagen Multivan received the "Red Dot Award"!

The design of the Volkswagen Multivan received the "Red Dot Award"!

The award for the best car design went to the Volkswagen Multivan. This new generation car was the most interesting of all in the prestigious Red Dot Award ranking. The jury annually chooses the winner in different nominations. This time in the nomination "Automobiles and Motorcycles" the winner was the novelty from Volkswagen, the Multivan T7, which received the award - "Red Dot: Best of the Best". As the jury members who determined the winner later commented, the Multivan T7 won their hearts with its progressive design, wide customization options, including floor level and many other details. The overall impression of use and excellent proportions that will look just as "fresh" after a long time.

Recall that the first show of the Multivan T7 car took place on June 10, 2021. Volkswagen representatives said they want to start a "new era of mobility" by completely rethinking the comfort, practicality and functionality of their cars. So, the chief designer of Volkswagen - Albert Kirzinger admitted that this award is certainly very important for their team. The developers are proud to win one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world and would like to thank everyone involved in achieving this goal.

As for the Red Dot Awards, it really is one of the biggest design events in the world. Companies from 60 different countries compete in the quality and creativity of their products. More than 7,800 entries are usually submitted for the competition. The jury of the competition is 50 international experts who will evaluate many factors, including: the innovativeness of the idea, the quality of implementation, functionality, reliability, ergonomics, environmental friendliness, as well as general impressions and emotions. Those wishing to experience the same emotions from this car will be able to do this, as the model goes into mass production.

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