Tesla Company updated the Model S liftback

Tesla Company updated the Model S liftback

Tesla Model S saw the world back in 2012 and has never changed a generation in all this time. Of course, the developers regularly offered updates to the exterior or available options, but the generation itself has not changed before. This time, the designers decided to go a little further, the new electric car received matrix headlights (such as on the latest Model 3 and Y), as well as a unified CCS (Combined Charging System) charging port. The reason for replacing the headlights was the fact that the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), after a series of crash tests, gave the headlights a low rating. The old headlights, according to experts, did not illuminate the road well enough. Now this problem has been fixed.

The appearance of the car has also been slightly updated - the bar that visually unites the headlights has disappeared, which is why the look of the car has become "cleaner" according to the designers. As for the technical part and upholstery, they decided to leave them unchanged. The updated model was presented on display in Taiwan at a special event. In the near future, the novelty will go on mass sale. Well, let's look forward to good news from Tesla.