Sudden fire AUDI R8 supercar! What happened?!

Sudden fire AUDI R8 supercar! What happened?!

The manufacturer has to withdraw more than 2 thousand American sports cars Audi R8, released in the period 2017-2018 year. These cars were created with a dangerous defect: when driving at extremely high speeds, there is a leak of fluid from the transmission system, which can lead to a car fire. It turned out that the transmission fluid can come from the ventilation hose of the gearbox in case of abrupt maneuvers of the car at high speed. Liquid leakage leads to smoke and there is a risk of fire.
According to representatives of AUDI, the risk of a car igniting due to a defect is actually minimal - it is assumed that you will not drive with a with smoke under hood and you will stop before a fire occurs. In addition, to simulate the conditions of fire, you need to go at top speed and perform with this sharp maneuvers. That is, "ordinary drivers" will not be exposed to such a risk. But we are talking about AUDI R8! Is the driver of this car can be "ordinary"? Supercars of this class are not buying in order to go to the supermarket for shopping, namely, to drive on special race tracks! As a matter of fact, the repeated incidents involving the inflammation of the Audi R8, which arose on the racetracks, were the subject of investigation.
At the moment, AUDI recognized the existing defect and agreed to eliminate it free of charge. Also for the owners of "defective" cars opened hot line, so that you can quickly solve the existing problem.
As you can see, even the most experienced engineers are not immune from design errors, but it is important to be able to recognize them and fix them in time. And in this AUDI showed itself from the good side.