Launch of Mercedes-Benz eActros into series production

Launch of Mercedes-Benz eActros into series production

Testing of the Mercedes-Benz eActros electric truck has been completed. On June 30, the developers officially announced the readiness of the car for mass production. The eActros model is the first heavy-duty electric truck, the mass production of which will be launched at the German plant in the city of Werth in the fall of 2021. The car will be produced in two versions. The first version - with a two-axle chassis and a load capacity of 19 tons. It is equipped with three 105 kWh batteries. The second version with a three-axle chassis and a load capacity of 27 tons. It is equipped with four batteries. The maximum battery charge is 420 kW. hour, which will make it possible to travel up to 400 km. Both versions have a rigid electric axle with two electric motors and a 2-speed transmission. Both engines have a liquid cooling system, which guarantees an uninterrupted power of 330 kW, and a productivity of 400 kW. If we translate all these characteristics into the language of comfort, then this car has excellent acceleration, but at the same time it is very stable in corners, due to the low center of gravity. The noise level in the cab does not exceed 10 dB, which is almost twice as low as usual. Charging eActros can be carried out from stations with 160 kW at 400 A. In this case, the driver spends a little more than 1 hour to charge three battery packs to a level of 20% to 80%. The car comes standard with a Multimedia Cockpit Interactive instrument panel and a MirrorCam camera system instead of exterior mirrors. For the convenience of monitoring vehicles, company executives will be able to use online monitoring and track the location of each of them using the Fleetboard portal. They will also be able to diagnose the condition and health of systems through Mercedes-Benz Uptime. The developers paid special attention to safety, protecting the batteries with a special aluminum profile from side impacts. And special sensors that work autonomously are able to calculate the probability of a collision in advance and isolate the battery automatically. In addition, the driver also has the ability to manually de-energize the battery himself. When driving within the city, eActros uses an external acoustic warning system AVAS. Also, the driver is assisted by the Sideguard Assist system, which eliminates the "blind spots" of the driver and insures against pedestrians. And finally, the latest 5th generation emergency braking system - Active Brake Assist with automatic recognition of pedestrians, will also increase the efficiency and safety of this car.

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