Removing a car from the register 2020

Removing a car from the register 2020

If you decide to sell your car, tune in to spend from 1 to several hours of time on the preparation of the relevant documents. Let's take a closer look at the procedure for deregistering a car if you:

  • I - Individual
  • II - Legal entity

Description of the procedure for removing a vehicle from the register (if you are an individual)

  1. Prepare the car for inspection by an expert forensic scientist - he must make sure the authenticity of the number units and license plates.
  2. Collect a package of documents according to the list:
    • - vehicle registration certificate (certificate of state registration of the vehicle)
    • - passport of the owner (and the owner himself)
    • - owner identification number
  3. Make an application for deregistration and pay receipts for government services.

As a result, you will receive the following documents:

  • vehicle registration certificate
  • registration card (only for those who have a plastic registration certificate - new sample)
  • transit numbers (valid for 2 months)

With this set of documents, you can simply draw up a vehicle sale and purchase agreement.

Removal of a vehicle from the register by legal entities

The procedure for legal entities will be a little more complicated, get ready to prepare a number of documents in advance.

  1. Take the application form for legal entities at MREO. persons. It should have your stamp on it. Also take requisites for payment of receipts and fees. It will be possible to pay for these services only from the company's non-cash account. If there were fines, they also need to be paid.
  2. Collect the following package of documents:

- a copy of the company registration certificate,

- a copy of "ЄDRPOU",

- a copy of the status of the enterprise (certified by the seal),

- minutes of the meeting of founders and an order to deregister the car,

- original power of attorney for the employee who is deregistering,

- a copy of the technical passport, TIN and passport of the authorized person

Otherwise, the deregistration procedure for legal entities. faces will not differ.

If we consider the cost of services for removing a car from registration, then the total amount of receipts in 2020 is approximately UAH 500. For whom does the transport tax apply now? In 2020, vehicles from 2015 are subject to vehicle tax if their average market value is more than UAH 1.7 million. In this case, the owner pays a tax of up to UAH 25,000 per year. To determine the final collection cost, the car make, model, year of manufacture, engine size and fuel type are taken into account.

If at the time the car was deregistered your car was subject to a transport tax, then in the month of execution of the purchase agreement, this tax is paid by the new owner. We do not recommend delaying payment, since if the payment is delayed by 1 month, you will be charged a 10% penalty, with a delay of 1 month or more - already 20%. If you dispute the amount of payments in court, it is also better for you to pay the "debts", and then go to court, otherwise your fines under the law will grow every day.

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