Mini-office on the wheels - Nissan Office Pod van

Mini-office on the wheels - Nissan Office Pod van

The car Nissan Office Pod was supposed to be shown to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show, which was scheduled for January 15-17, 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the main event was cancelled. However, the organizers did not want to upset the visitors of the exhibition and decided to make it virtual.

So the Nissan Office Pod van was still able to appear before the public. The car was created on the basis of the Nissan NV350 Caravan camper. This is, in fact, a mobile mini-office - an ideal solution for a pandemic. Its main highlight is a movable module that can be pulled out from the rear of the cabin through a lift door. As a result, it's quickly turns into a full-fledged workplace with a comfortable chair, a large computer and an electric kettle. Also, for convenience, the developer proposes to set portable steps. But to make the novelty the best solution not only for work, but also for leisure, the roof of the car is also used! At the top you can install a sun lounger with an umbrella for a comfortable pastime. Those who like to spend time actively and travel without prejudice to work will definitely like this option. And we will continue to follow the news and cover the brightest events from the automotive world.