The new Volkswagen Passat is equipped with two monitors at once!

The new Volkswagen Passat is equipped with two monitors at once!

Already in 2023, it is planned to release a new generation of the Volkswagen Passat model. According to preliminary data, the car will be available only in the station wagon, and the sedan line, produced for 49 years, will stop. The appearance of the car is consistent with the spirit of Volkswagen and no surprises are expected here. But the salon will be able to surprise with a number of unexpected solutions. Information and photos of the future model were "leaked" by representatives of Motor1, who were testing the prototype in Germany. So, it became clearly clear that the new Passat is more reminiscent of the Volkswagen Golf line. Moreover, both Golf and Passat are built on the same MQB platform. Contrary to the manufacturer's attempts to "not expose" the most interesting details of the interior ahead of time, the updated design can be seen quite clearly. It can be seen that the emphasis is on the introduction of digital technologies and they are given a large place. For example, the instrument panel is now completely electronic, and a rather large multimedia system monitor in the so-called "tablet style" is placed in the center. It has touch control, including air conditioning control. The display diagonal is more than 10 inches, which is already larger than in the Golf model. Another unusual surprise is that in the novelty the gear shift is located on the steering column - just like in the latest Mercedes-Benz models. This frees up space next to the driver. According to preliminary data, the new Volkswagen Passat will be released in a fully electric version - Aero B. Well, you need to be patient and wait for the launch in the series.

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