A record for dimensions from a Volkswagen car!

A record for dimensions from a Volkswagen car!

This time, Volkswagen decided to surprise everyone by creating the world's widest passenger car! A new concept car has been unveiled in China called the Volkswagen Lamando 5XL. The width of the car was as much as 3 meters! An incredible novelty was created on the basis of the Volkswagen Lamando 2022 car.

To create a mega-wide version, two Lamando 2022 cars were used. They were cut to length and connected to each other by inserting an additional central section of the body between them. Thus, it was possible to make the car a seven-seater! It is equipped with three seats in front and four seats in the back!

All these changes increased the overall weight of the car, but decided to leave the power plant the same. Of course, this car was created in a single instance and will be used exclusively as a show car. But the first impressions of its dimensions - as if someone were working in the Photoshop editor, and not in an engineering auto repair shop. Undoubtedly, this concept car attracts a lot of attention with such an unusual look and completely justifies all the costs and efforts for its creation. And we remind you that any Volkswagen car can be checked by VIN code and get acquainted with the full history of its maintenance and repairs.

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