A special collection of Bentley convertibles - Mulliner Riviera Collection

A special collection of Bentley convertibles - Mulliner Riviera Collection

Bentley received a special order for convertibles from a dealer in Monaco. A special series of cars was supposed to display a "nautical theme". This is how a separate line of cars appeared - Continental GT Convertible, in particular, a series called - Mulliner Riviera Collection. Bentley did a great job. They have created three models of cars that are fully consistent with the aesthetics of the Côte d'Azur, as a great addition to the surrounding superyachts.

The marine "notes" of the Mulliner Riviera Collection are manifested in many small details. The first highlight is a special body color scheme offering the colors Aegean Blue, Aquamarine and Caribbean Blue. At the same time, even the carbon fiber parts of the car are painted. The interior uses wooden inserts in the design of the center console, reminiscent of deck masonry on a ship. Also added are decorative embroidered floor elements in the form of nautical knots. Upholstery in light beige leather with Alcantara inserts. Convertibles from this collection can only be bought in Monaco. It is here - the largest number of owners of superyachts. It is worth recalling that this is not the first time that Bentley has successfully "beat" the marine theme. The special work was last carried out in 2021 by Bentley Design Services in collaboration with Contest Yachts from the Netherlands. Then the car engineers were given the unusual task of helping to recreate the features and design of the Continental GT V8 car in the interior of the Contest 59 CS. Then the experts used for the yacht the same colors, materials and decor that were used to create the car. As you can see, there are many unusual requests and wishes. But if professionals get down to business - the result will be unsurpassed.

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