New BMW 3-Series unveiled - what's changed?

New BMW 3-Series unveiled - what's changed?

New details have surfaced about the latest BMW 3-Series. Changes are noticeable both outside and inside the car. The first thing to note is L-like running lights, a modified bumper and grille. Several modifications will be available - M Sport (with chrome parts) and M Sport Pro (with red calipers and M-brakes). On the front panel there is a rather large display of 12.3 inches, as well as a touch screen multimedia system of 14.9 inches. In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with three-zone climate control. In terms of handling, all versions of the 3-Series have an 8-speed automatic with shifting under the steering wheel. Engines are still petrol or diesel, with a capacity of 156, 184, 252 and 340 horsepower. But there will also be a few hybrid options, about which there is no additional information yet. Starting prices for this model start at 43,900 euros, and delivery to dealers is scheduled for this summer. Interestingly, these models will be produced at factories in Munich, as well as in Mexico. Well, connoisseurs of this brand can now submit their applications to be among the first to appreciate all the advantages and comfort of the new BMW 3-Series.

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