Mercedes-Benz refuses to produce cars in Russia

Mercedes-Benz refuses to produce cars in Russia

A final decision has been made by "Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Rus" subsidiary to sell its premium car manufacturing plant in Russia. It is worth noting that this plant was built quite recently - in 2019 its construction began, and in 2021 it was already put into operation. Its cost amounted to about 15 billion rubles and provided for the production of 25-30 thousand. cars per year. But already in March 2022, the plant completely stopped due to the full-scale military aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Subsequently, Mercedes-Benz once again demonstrated their clear position regarding Russia's war in Ukraine. The agreement on the sale of the plant and the official withdrawal of Mercedes-Benz from the Russian market has already been signed. Although the details of the agreement have not yet been disclosed, it is known that the dealer holding Avtodom will become the new owner of the plant. Experts are speculating that it is likely that Mercedes-Benz will reserve the right to buy back part of its assets within a certain period, same as it was done by Renault and Nissan, that have already left the Russian market. But there are rumors that the sale of the plant will not be limited, and the sale of offices and service centers from Mercedes-Benz will be the next steps. We sincerely thank Mercedes-Benz for all the steps they are taking to support Ukraine. This is the very decision that deserves respect and, undoubtedly, will receive a proper assessment, which will have a beneficial effect on the further development of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine.

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