Mercedes-Benz will reduce to zero accidents involving their cars!

Mercedes-Benz will reduce to zero accidents involving their cars!

While other automakers are envisioning a "self-driving future" for their vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has set itself a much more ambitious and specific goal - to completely eliminate the possibility of its vehicles being involved in an accident. But as we know, the goal differs from the "desire" in that it has its own clear deadlines. And Mercedes-Benz was not afraid to voice them: in 30 years, cars from the manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will no longer be in the accident statistics. Mercedes-Benz engineers are planning to achieve their goal thanks to the new concept of safe driving - Vision Zero Plan. The new traffic safety system will be continuously improved in order to completely eliminate the possibility of car accidents involving Mercedes-Benz vehicles by 2050. The first stage is to halve the number of fatal accidents with Mercedes-Benz vehicles by 2030 (based on 2020 statistics). Right now, Mercedes-Benz models are equipped with more than 40 different security systems. Among them - emergency braking, control of "blind spots", automatic retention in the lane, monitoring the state of the level of driver fatigue. The latest new system that has been successfully tested and has already begun to be implemented is the Pre-Safe Sound barotrauma protection technology. If the sensors consider a collision to be imminent, the vehicle will emit a short, powerful 80 dB signal that will cause the ear muscles to contract and thus "prepare" them for an even more deafening sound of an accident. At the same time, new systems for the interaction of the car with other cars, road and information signs will be developed. We are talking about creating a "smart" infrastructure that will actively interact with each other, increasing road safety. To this end, the first pilot project of the Mercedes-Benz Road Safety Dashboard has already started in London. There, the digital platform is able to analyze accident sections and promptly transmit this information to road services. We sincerely wish the engineers of Mercedes-Benz every success in their quest to make our lives better and the roads safer.

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