Sales of the Citan compact van from Mercedes-Benz start

Sales of the Citan compact van from Mercedes-Benz start

Mercedes-Benz never ceases to delight motorists with the release of long-awaited new products. This time, the new generation Citan compact van is expected to appear, which was announced for August 25, 2021. The Citan is known to be a second-generation car, followed by an all-electric version of the eCitan. What is known about the Citan model? The design of the car has been improved to reduce body deformation in the event of an accident. As standard, the Citan Tourer received 7 airbags, including a central airbag that works between the driver and front passenger in the event of a side impact. Traditionally, the car is equipped with many auxiliary systems, in particular - Active Lane Keeping Assist, which helps to keep the car in the lane. Also equipped with Hill Start Assist - for assistance when moving up the slope and Crosswind Assist, which is triggered in strong crosswinds. The new car is able to track not only its location on the road and the weather conditions around, but also monitors the driver's condition. So, the ATTENTION ASSIST system will warn the driver of fatigue and can even turn on the emergency call system from Mercedes-Benz. The "built-in assistants" in the Citan Tourer version include additional Active Brake Assist (emergency braking), Blind Spot Assist (eliminate driver's "blind spots"), as well as Speed ​​Limit Assist (speed limit). At the request of customers, the car can be equipped with other novelties, such as Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC - automatic control of the distance to the car in front, Active Helding Assist - keeping the car in the center of the lane, Hey Mercedes - voice control of the car using spoken language, not memorized commands. No less interesting are the Live Traffic Information and Car-to-X systems - this is real-time navigation to avoid traffic jams and other troubles on the roads. And the presence of the Mercedes me Connect system can help to remotely diagnose the health of various vehicle systems. As you can see, the choice of "options" is growing every year and your car can be customized to your individual request very precisely.

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