New BMW plant in Hungary - what models will be produced?

New BMW plant in Hungary - what models will be produced?

In the Hungarian city of Debrecen, a new plant from BMW will soon appear. We are talking about a fairly large project, which can become one of the largest in Europe. The Hungarian government is doing everything possible to keep foreign investors on its territory. Peter Szijjártó (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary) shared the new plans of BMW in Munich. He was happy to report that he managed to establish stable work with the German auto industry, which will have a very beneficial effect on the development of the country's economy. The new plant will be built taking into account all norms and environmental requirements, as well as the most advanced technologies in the field of car production.

As it turned out a little later, despite the bright forecasts, the promised number of jobs should not be expected, since citizens of such countries as Pakistan, Turkey and others were involved in the construction process. This caused a wave of discontent from local authorities, who had a different idea of ​​this process. However, construction continued. It is expected that after the launch of the plant, more than 1000 jobs will appear, and the flow of cars produced will be at the level of 150 thousand. cars per year. As for the lineup, this plant will initially specialize in the production of a new electric car, which is not yet in the BMW lineup. The total cost of the project, as well as all the necessary infrastructure, is estimated at about 65 billion forints. It remains to wait for the start of production and evaluate the new items that BMW is ready to show the world.

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