How to get a free VIN code report for 1 review?

How to get a free VIN code report for 1 review?

Convenient cashback for regular customers of our service! We offer a free check of your car in exchange for a review of our service. How it works?

Leave a review about our work on any ACTIVE car forum with a link to our service (it can be a link to your report) and get the next VIN report for free!

1. To get a free report, just contact our support with the subject "Free VIN report" and show a link to your review that has been moderated.

2. Within 7 days we will check your feedback and add bonuses to your balance for ordering the next report at any time.

3. The amount of bonuses will correspond to the cost of the report on which the review was left.

4. Bonuses do not expire and you can use them at any time.

5. Bonuses cannot be cashed out and withdrawn from the site, they can only be spent on the site's services.

Please note, when posting a review about us on 2 or 3 DIFFERENT active forums, you will be able to receive 2 or 3 free reports, respectively. (Placement in different branches of the same forum is not taken into account). An ACTIVE forum is a forum where there is a lively discussion of various automotive topics from different authors. A forum that has posts from different users every few months or weeks is not considered active.