Eco-activists sued Volkswagen after a protest in their showroom

Eco-activists sued Volkswagen after a protest in their showroom

Another scandal involving eco-activists this time touched on Volkswagen. The incident occurred between radical representatives of the environmental movement Scientist Rebellion group and employees of the Volkswagen Group. On October 19, activists of the Scientist Rebellion eco-movement decided to hold their action at the Volkswagen Autostadt exhibition center in Wolfsburg (Germany). While 6 activists created a distraction by opening their posters outside the showroom entrance, 9 members of the Scientist Rebellion group got inside the pavilion and glued themselves to the floor... Further, they went on a hunger strike and put forward demands to completely abandon gasoline and diesel engines in favor of electric vehicles, reduce harmful emissions from large enterprises, and also demanded the introduction of speed limits for highways to 100 km/h. As the activists themselves said, their main goal is to draw public attention to the problems voiced and bring to the fore issues related to the protection of the environment and human actions. Despite the unusual situation, the showroom staff, where both new and vintage models of cars were presented, reacted to what was happening quite calmly. No one tried to expel the protesters, on the contrary, they were offered water and food. The activists, quite obviously, gave up everything. And then what happened was to be expected. The executive German staff of the showroom punctually completed the working day and, after turning off the heating and electricity, closed the showroom and went home! The activists were simply locked up in the pavilion, left there overnight. Apparently, the protesters clearly did not expect such a turn of events. Frustrated by the lack of attention, members of the Scientist Rebellion group filed a lawsuit for being left overnight without water or access to the toilet. Volkswagen, in turn, announced a counterclaim, accusing the activists of damaging the Porsche sports cars that were in the pavilion. What do you think about this? Who do you think is to blame for this situation? Share your opinion in the comments.

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