End of Mercedes-Benz Actros tests nearing completion

End of Mercedes-Benz Actros tests nearing completion

Representatives of the Paulaner GSG company from Munich announced the start of the final stage of testing the Mercedes-Benz eActros model, which was tested on real routes for a long time and showed its best side. The eActros electric truck belongs to the heavy class and is already ready for series production. It is worth noting that testing has been conducted since 2018 and Paulaner GSG was one of the last to take this car for a long test drive. The company is engaged in logistics and delivery of goods in the supermarket chain, in particular, carries drinks. And the truck passes a route from 100 to 200 km daily without recharging. Charging itself is carried out by the company mainly at night, at the company's grocery warehouses. The prototype of the eActros is the Mercedes-Benz Actros, which has the same chassis and many other similar components. The eActros is powered by two electric motors mounted near the rear wheel hubs. Each of them has a power of 126 kW and provides an output of 11,000 Nm, which can be compared to a conventional truck with an internal combustion engine. The motors are powered by powerful lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 240 kWh. It is noteworthy that both the development and testing of heavy-duty electric trucks are eagerly funded by the Concept ELV project. The Federal Ministry for the Environment as well as Economics and Energy are also involved. As you can see, environmentally friendly cars are attracting more and more interest from consumers, which is good news and we need to support this trend.

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