Color codes for BMW cars by year: 2009-2019

Color codes for BMW cars by year: 2009-2019

In this material, we continue to share these codes and color names for BMW cars. Data is ordered by year - from old to new: from 2009 to 2019.


  1. For different BMW models, the same color codes are used, although color names may vary.
  2. The format of the color code designation for BMW is three digits, or numbers combined with letters. Sometimes after three characters a slash and even numbers may appear, but they are no longer included in the designation of the color code.

    Color name20092010201120122013201420152016201720182019
    Silver Grey Metallic ClearcoatA08A08A08--------
    Highland Green Metallic ClearcoatA11A11A11--------
    Atlantic Blue MetallicA13A13A13--------
    Mineral Silver MetallicA14A14A14-A14A14A14A14A14A14A14
    Maldives Blue Metallic ClearcoatA15----------
    Havanna Metallic ClearcoatA17A17A17A17A17A17A17A17---
    Quartz Blue Metallic Clearcoat A18----------
    Sparkling Graphite Metallic ClearcoatA22----------
    Silver Stone II Metallic ClearcoatA29A29A29A29A29A29A29A29A29A29A29
    Interlogos Blue Pearl ClearcoatA30A30A30A30A30------
    Indianapolis Red Metallic ClearcoatA31A31A31A31-------
    Sepang Silver Metallic ClearcoatA32A32A32A32-------
    Arctic Metallic ClearcoatA34----------
    Monaco Blue Metallic ClearcoatA35A35A35A35-------
    Titanium Grey Metallic ClearcoatA36A36---------
    Michigan Blue Metallic ClearcoatA38A38---------
    Barbera Red Metallic ClearcoatA39A39A39-------
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