BMW X1 crossover show announced - what is known about it?

BMW X1 crossover show announced - what is known about it?

To stir up interest on the eve of the premiere of the car, which is scheduled for May 2022, BMW has released a teaser of the long-awaited BMW X1 crossover. According to confirmed data, the new model will be presented for the first time in two different versions - on a classic diesel engine, as well as in a fully electric version. The BMW X1 will match the corporate identity, but will get a more interior appearance and tangible dimensions. As for the technical characteristics of the car, it is built on the UKL2 modular platform, which allows the installation of both diesel and electric engines. It is reported that the petrol and diesel engines will be four-cylinder, and the sports version will be rated at 306 hp. There will also be a hybrid that will support external recharging. As for the car's suspension, both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions will be available. It remains to wait for the official release of the BMW X1 in order to fully appreciate the beauty of this new product.

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