BMW was fined nearly $ 10 million!

BMW was fined nearly $ 10 million!

BMW brand cars are considered to be among the best in the world in many respects, but the last unpleasant incidents have greatly shaken this stereotype. Earlier, we reported that the company’s management recalls 1.6 million diesel-powered vehicles produced in the period of 7 years (!) from 2010-2017 due to a defect in the engine. Now this story got its continuation: the South Korean government imposed a fine of 9.9 million dollars on the company for 52 cases of sudden ignition of BMW cars. As it turned out as a result of the investigation, the company’s management was not only know about the problem, but was engaged in concealing known facts. In this regard, the Ministry of Transport of South Korea announced a penalty "for improper work with customers."
Although representatives of the company are ready to eliminate the known defect for all cars of 2010-2017 for free, it did not allow the company to avoid “public punishment” in the form of a fine. This incident should serve as another example of the fact that any lie or carelessness will eventually be revealed and cost a large amount of money. Now representatives of the BMW company will be even more closely monitor the quality of the cars they produce.