BMW - presented a car that changes color, what does it look like?

BMW - presented a car that changes color, what does it look like?

The new concept car BMW iX Flow is an instant color change at the touch of a driver's button. This became possible thanks to the use in the automotive industry of the latest E Ink electronic ink technology, which has long been used in the creation of electronic books. With it, a car's paint can be made to "line up" by giving it a particular color or forming different patterns on the surface. According to BMW research engineer Stella Clark, they implemented color management through a special application that can be installed on the phone. It allows you to choose colors, shades, add racing stripes and much more. The company plans to develop this idea and add a special button to the dashboard, and also do not exclude the possibility of color control using hand gestures. As planned by the engineers, this is a very convenient and useful feature if the driver can change the color to white during the hot part of the day, and leave it black on colder days. Although this BMW, which was first shown at the International Consumer Electronics Show, currently only has a black and white color scheme, the developers plan to implement the full range of colors in future models.

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