Audi and BMW will not use rail transportation of cars through Russia

Audi and BMW will not use rail transportation of cars through Russia

Previously, the delivery of cars from Europe to China was carried out by Audi and BMW, including through the railway passing through the territory of Russia. But after the act of aggression of the Russian state against sovereign Ukraine and the start of a military invasion, Audi and BMW did not stand aside and expressed their clear position. Its result was the fundamental refusal to transport their cars through the Russian railway. Instead, delivery to customers from China will be carried out by sea. It is worth noting that both automakers have been cooperating with Chinese colleagues for a long time and have common car production capacities. For example, BMW sold about 846,000 vehicles for China last year, but less than 200,000 of them were transferred from Europe. Most of it was produced directly at Chinese enterprises. As the Dutch logistics service Drewry Supply Chain Advisors has already calculated, the cost of sending a cargo container from Germany to Shanghai by rail is 78% more expensive than shipping by sea. But delivery by rail was faster and the delivery time could be specified much more precisely, which was acceptable when transporting premium cars. In addition, transportation by rail was more environmentally friendly than by sea. But despite all these nuances, the choice was made in favor of Ukraine. Until Russia stops the aggression, it is impossible to return to the previous mode of operation. Well, we thank Audi and BMW for their contribution to ending the war and sincerely hope that other manufacturers will soon follow suit.

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